The operation of cross-function Corporation Governance Team

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The implement of corporation governance is important not only for the company during the operation process, but also for the sustainable management. An effective corporate governance structure ensures effective management by the company’s management. The disclosure and transparency of information may achieve the rights and interests of stakeholders.
Therefore, since year 2022, under the lead of Corporate Governance Officer, VisEra established the cross-function team. The team members formulated the annual work plans based on the corporation governance evaluation indicators. The Officer confirmed that all members followed their plans through regular monthly meetings. In such meetings, team members also shared and discussed the related information of corporation governance.
Year 2023 is VisEra’s first year to conduct the Corporate Governance Evaluation. Due to early arrangement by the cross-function team, when the Corporate Governance Evaluation System opened in October for all listed companies to do the self-evaluation, VisEra completed it within one month and team member also discussed the improvement at the end of December. Moreover, when the results of 2023 came out in the beginnings of 2024, we ranked in the top 6%-20% of all 952 listed companies. VisEra commits to work hard to maintain good corporate governance in the future.