ESG Management Framework

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

VisEra established the “ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) Sustainable Development Promotion Committee” in December 2021 as the Company’s highest decision-making body for sustainable development. The President serves as the chair and the Committee appoints a management representative to jointly review the Company’s core business capabilities with senior managers of different fields and establish medium to long-term sustainable development plans. The ESG Sustainable Development Promotion Committee convenes quarterly reports to track the target implementation status, formulate ESG action plans, and continuous improvement measures, and reports the results and work plans to the Board of Directors each year. The Board of Directors considers the Company’s future business strategies and proposes recommendations for implementation. In May 2022, the Committee reported the results of the Company’s ESG operations in the previous year, the 2022 work plan, and the identification of potential significant ESG issues to the Board of Directors.

ESG Sustainable Development Promotion Committee

The ESG Sustainable Development Promotion Committee is primarily responsible for the establishment of the Company’s long-term ESG development strategies. It also delegates responsibilities in environmental, social, and economic governance to six task forces including environmental protection, partnership relations, social engagement, friendly workplace, corporate governance, and value innovation, which identify relevant risks and opportunities, set goals, and develop strategies. Each task force holds regular monthly meetings and confirms the target achievement status and important work plans in the quarterly meetings of the ESG Sustainable Development Promotion Committee. The Committee also reached a consensus on the results in 2022 and the 2023 work plan. It formulated the plan for implementation.

Main duties:Identify risks and opportunities/set goals/strategies/promote activities/achieve performance/write reports/win awards (certification)