Information Security Management

VisEra established information security management regulations based on ISO 27001 standards. We are committed to promoting information security, protecting and maintaining customer design and related information, and continuous improvements to meet the following targets in the requirements of the Information Security Policy:

Information Security Management Framework

We established the “Information Security Management Committee” for implementing information security management operations to maintain the Company’s competitiveness, reduce the risks of business disruptions, ensure that the information system meets confidentiality, integrity, and availability requirements, and strengthen employees’ information security awareness. We assigned a dedicated information security supervisor and dedicated information security personnel to promote, coordinate, supervise, and review information security management matters. We established an information security incident notification and response organization to identify information security risks and implement information security risk improvement measures. The highest-ranking officers of the Information Technology Department reported the Company’s information security management results to the Audit Committee in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Structure of the Information Security Management Committee