Human Rights

VisEra formulated the “VisEra Corporate Social Responsibility Policy” and the “Compliance Statement for the Code of Professional Ethics and Supplier Code of Conduct” based on the spirit of the “Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct”. The contents include commitments for no discrimination, ban on the use of child labor, and ban on forced labor. We require compliance by all employees and suppliers. In terms of employees, we organize regular human rights training and quarterly labor-management meetings to report the business overview, annual activities, and benefits to all employees. We respect all employee organizations, the unions of their choice, and right to collective bargaining and participation in peaceful protests. We also respect employees’ rights to avoid such activities. As of 2022, no employee has organized a union. If the Company needs to terminate the employment of certain employees, we notify the employee in advance in accordance with regulations and complete the necessary communication to ensure that there are no disputes between labor and management.

VisEra values the opinions and rights of employees and we have set up several employee feedback channels, many of which are managed by the top executives of relevant units. We are committed to providing an open and transparent communication environment between supervisors, employees, and peers by processing feedback in a fast and confidential manner.

VisEra set up the Sexual Harassment Complaint Committee, which consists of three members appointed by the CEO, including the heads of employee relations, legal affairs, and other organizations. The representative of legal affairs serves as the convener of the Committee to process complaints regarding employees ranked department heads (managers) and below. If the subject of the complaint is a senior executive (plant/department head) or above, the CEO or a Vice President or above designated by the CEO shall serve as the convener, and the highest-ranking manager of legal affairs, human resources, or another Vice President or above shall form a Sexual Harassment Complaint Highest Appeal Committee consisting of these three members to investigate and process the case. If the subject of the complaint is a manager ranked President or above, the Audit Committee shall process the complaint. The Sexual Harassment Complaint Committee and Sexual Harassment Complaint Highest Appeal Committee shall exercise their rights independently in the review of cases and shall not be affected by the Company’s internal administration system.

To ensure that security personnel understand and know how to deal with infringement in the workplace, we organize a training program twice a year to communicate relevant information to all security personnel. The training includes understanding what constitutes infringement in the workplace, VisEra’s workplace violence complaint procedures, and how to respond to workplace violence. In the first half of 2022, 12 security personnel completed the training; in the second half of the year, 14 security personnel completed the training. The training completion rate of security personnel was 100%.

Human Rights Risk Assessment

The Company organized human rights training for all employees in 2022 and provided 0.9 hours of online training materials for the Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct. A total of 1,449 employees completed the training and the coverage rate and test passage rate were both 100%. We will continue to monitor human rights protection issues and promote related training to increase human rights awareness and reduce the possibility of related risks. We shall use the online courses with full employee participation to ensure employees understand the “VisEra Corporate Social Responsibility Policy” and implement it in their work. We use the Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) standardized risk assessment designed by the “Responsible Business Alliance” to assess the social, environmental, and moral risks in business activities. In 2022, the self-assessment score was 93.6 points and the human rights risks were low. There were no incidents of discrimination or violation of the rights of indigenous peoples at VisEra in 2022.

Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Code of Conduct training