Energy Management

Energy Structure

VisEra’s externally purchased electricity accounts for the largest share of energy use in the production process with 86.6% while natural gas accounts for 12.9% and diesel accounts for 0.49%. Therefore, the main target for energy conservation is to reduce the use of electricity and natural gas. Due to the increase in production capacity, energy consumption in 2022 reached 82,993,233kWh, which was approximately 2.39% lower than that of 2021. The purchased electricity totaled 45,704,700 kWh; the purchased renewable energy totaled 26,157,000 kWh; natural gas consumption totaled 10,724,948 kWh; the unit electricity consumption per 8″ equivalent wafer/mask was 5.6533 kWh/mask; and the unit natural gas consumption per 8″ equivalent wafer/mask was 0.844 kWh/mask. The decrease in energy consumption in the past four years demonstrated the continuous improvement in energy management by VisEra. The slightly higher energy consumption per wafer in 2022 compared to 2021 was due to market adjustments & production capacity utilization adjustments.

Total energy consumption

Percentage of equivalent energy consumption

Electricity consumption in past years

Natural gas consumption in past years

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