Waste Management

Management Waste Disposal Contractors

All industrial waste produced by VisEra is processed by contractors approved by the environmental protection authority and selected jointly by the Company’s internal environmental protection unit, procurement unit, and waste management unit based on six major criteria (including scale/reputation, approval documents, records of violations, onsite facilities, waste management and control, and safety and health). The contractors are responsible for the disposal, treatment, and tracking of waste.

The selection mechanism involves the selection of high-quality suppliers based on the six major criteria. Personnel of the environmental protection unit and waste management unit conduct onsite visits and rates the contractors (166 inspection items in 8 major categories in onsite audits during the year of use). Contractors must attain a score of at least 60 points set by the parent company (TSMC), obtain the approval of the personnel of the inspection unit, and pass the contract review by legal affairs, approval, and procurement procedures before they may be included as waste disposal contractors of the Company. Lastly, we used the “Annual Evaluation of Waste Treatment Companies” as a benchmark for the contractor replacement evaluation. In 2018, VisEra joined TSMC in the joint audit and assistance program for waste disposal contractors. In response to common auditing deficiencies and penalty items, we shared the Company’s internal management methods and experience. We strengthened the management process with face-to-face communication with contractors, and encouraged them to expand this process to other customers so that we can work together for the development of a sustainable environment.

Results of audits and inspections of waste disposal service providers in 2022

Manage & Control the Operational Processes of Waste Treatment Vendors through the Waste Treatment Vendor Sustainability Enhancement Project