Product quality

Green Product Design

reen product design focuses on considering and minimizing the product’s impact on the environment in the design process of the product while ensuring the quality and functional performance of the product. The core idea is to account for environmental protection requirements first and employ means such as choosing green materials, reducing energy consumption, reducing pollution emissions, and designing for recycling to achieve green and sustainable development of products.

VisEra focuses on green design (Design for Environment) and adopts Life Cycle Thinking (LCT) in the sourcing of production materials/manufacturing process/product transportation/product use/waste disposal process. We implement product design/process management and continual improvement in seven major categories. We have always spared no efforts in developing advanced/efficient and environmentally friendly products. We continue to develop products that have low energy consumption and high performance with customers. We also implement conflict mineral management and hazardous material management with our influence on suppliers. In terms of our continuous efforts to improve the environmental friendliness of our products, we continue to set environmental safety and health performance targets, and promote waste reduction, resource reuse, and greenhouse gas reduction projects to support green design. We aim to reduce production costs, improve product quality, enhance the brand image, meet the needs and expectations of customers and consumers for environmental protection, and achieve sustainable development.