Talent development

VisEra is committed to improving employees’ autonomous learning and uses a diverse range of resources and tools for learning to encourage employees to engage in learning activities regardless of the time, space, and format based on the Company’s growth, organizational requirements, and personal performance requirements. We encourage them to continue to improve their work efficiency and create more energy for the growth of the Company and the society. VisEra actively implements on-the-job training and the Individual Development Program (IDP) for employees to learn and improve their performance in the actual workplace. In addition to systematically planning job rotations to nurture future talents, VisEra also encourages employees to organize their career development in line with the development of the Company so that they can develop their strengths and continue to grow.

Training paths for new employees and current employees

VisEra organized a total of 30,389 hours of training or learning and development activities in 2022 with more than 38,140 participants having completed the training. The average training hours for each employee was approximately 21 hours. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic in the past two years, we have gradually replaced in-person training with online courses in the form of digital courses produced by the Company.

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