Customer Service and Management

Customer Relationship Management

As our customer base grows and their B2B customization requirements increase, we are often constrained by limited IT manpower resources, resulting in extended development schedules when many customers issue requests at the same time. To shorten customers’ wait time and increase customer satisfaction, the Company’s Business Information Technology Section teamed up with the Purchase Order and Production Plan Unit in 2018 to jointly develop the “B2B Menu design system” designed to effectively reduce IT manpower development and time costs while enhancing customer IT services. They launched the “VisEra Online” platform on June 19, 2018 to provide customers’ production lines with accurate and updated information for customers to monitor the product manufacturing schedule, expected delivery date, inventory of finished products, and shipments.

With this system, personnel of the Production Planning Unit can create standardized B2B templates in the “B2B Menu design system” based on the customer’s customized fields and formats which cover all incoming and outgoing processes of the product. The information includes the basic transaction records such as delivery of materials, production, completion and inventory, and shipment. It can also be customized based on the customer’s preferred points in time and transmission method for receiving B2B reports to meet the customer’s needs. It helps customers keep track of the production status and reduces system tracking and inquiry time. It also reduces the time required for the internal development of customized B2B requirements and the time spent on waiting for resources from an average of one month to one week to complete customized B2B information delivery.

In addition, VisEra values the development of sustainable, equitable, and mutually beneficial relationships with customers. If customers have any comments or recommendations, they can contact the Company by telephone, email or the company website. The Company established the Customer Engineering Service Unit as the dedicated unit for processing customer complaints. We also formulated control procedures for processing customer complaints to protect the rights and interests of customers and improve the quality of customer services.

Customer Complain Notice

In terms of the procedures for processing customer complaints, we adopted the Eight Disciplines Problem Solving (8D) (i.e., a team-oriented problem-solving approach) in which a dedicated customer complaint handling unit receives related feedback and immediately registers it in the system for case management and tracking. It is required to take preventive measures within 24 hours, submit the root cause analysis report to the customer within 48 hours, and implement relevant improvement measures. The case must be closed within 7 days for automotive products and within 10 days for non-automotive products by reaching a consensus with the customer. We received 1 customer complaint in 2022. The main cause was a human error that resulted in the use of the non-mass-production program for products and a decrease in product yield rate. VisEra notified the customer immediately when the anomaly was found and returned most of the products for rework to reduce the number of discarded products. We also helped the customer prevent the supply of abnormal products to end customers, and used the system control and comparison function to verify the program used and prevent the same anomaly from recurring.

VisEra conducts quarterly business technology review meetings with customers to provide products and services of the highest quality and to ensure that customers’ needs are fully understood and provided with support. We also conduct annual customer satisfaction surveys of the top ten customers. As of 2022, the top ten customers account for more than 95% of the Company’s revenue. We conduct the survey by email or telephone and the survey covers items such as the price/performance ratio, service, delivery, technical service, and future development. The specific implementation method is defined in the Company’s customer satisfaction evaluation procedures. We use the VOC (Voice of Customer) system and the NRTO (New/Re Tape out) system to effectively learn about customer requirements and provide rapid response to customers to increase customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction rate reached 84.9% in 2022, which exceeded the target for the year.

Customer satisfaction survey results in the last 5 years

Customer quarterly business review scores in the last 5 years