Talent development

Competence Development

Although we have not yet provided transition assistance programs for employees “who ended their careers due to retirement or the termination of employment”, VisEra has always focused on enhancing employees’ competencies in line with recent developments to support the Company’s sustainability and satisfy employees’ needs for lifetime learning. In other words, if employees continue to learn progressive in the Company’s talent development system, we believe that they will be well-prepared for their career development after leaving the Company.

To continue to focus on the talent development strategy of encouraging independent learning, VisEra helps employees to continue to improve in their own field and continue to expand their fields of expertise. To achieve this purpose, VisEra provides resources for independent learning to facilitate independent learning at anytime from anywhere.

Key courses for independent learning in 2022

VisEra set up the online learning system, V+ Talent, which currently has 573 online courses. The courses can be divided into four categories including basic, professional, general knowledge, and management courses. In the fourth quarter of each year, we collect information on the digital courses that each unit plans to record in the following year, and the supervisors appoint employees as course instructors. The training and development unit assists instructors in recording the digital courses and uploading them to the system for employees.

Use of V+ Talent online courses in 2022

We produced 40 digital courses in 2022 and the completion status is as follows:

VisEra continues to strengthen the functional development of employees to attain the goals of the Company. In addition to internal training courses, the Company also sends employees to external training courses, which are fully subsidized by the Company after they complete the courses. In 2022, there were 266 applications for external training and employees completed 3,219 hours of training. Employees obtained 192 industrial safety certificates in external training, and 74 employees have received certificates of completion of professional courses. Professional courses included courses on quality, R&D technology, product, and market trends. We use external training courses to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and to enhance the professional competencies of employees.

Internal and external training in 2022