Talent Recruitment and Retention


As of the end of 2022, VisEra had a total of 1,445 employees, including 873 executives and professionals and 572 technical personnel. As the semiconductor optical component industry is a knowledge-intensive and technology-intensive industry, employees with a bachelor or master’s degree account for more than 70% of the employees. VisEra continues to create a friendly and fair workplace environment for employees. Female employees accounted for 43% of all employees in 2022. In terms of the age groups, employees aged 30 and below accounted for approximately 35% of all employees and the overall average age was 35.1.

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Talent Recruitment

Employees are the most important partners of VisEra and the strong pillars for supporting our sustainable development. Based on our vision of “becoming one of the best and largest professional semiconductor optical component and manufacturing service provider in the world”, we adopted the six major characteristics of VISERA for talent recruitment — Visionary, Innovation, Sagacity, Excellence, Reliability, and Accountability — in our search for talents for common growth.
VisEra has formulated a talent program on the basis of annual business strategies. We use diverse recruitment channels to recruit talents including the talent recruitment system on the official website, participation in large-scale job fairs, social media operations, and organization of company visits and speeches on campus. We also use internal employee referral incentives to increase recruitment efficiency and benefits. In 2022, we recruited 347 new full-time employees and more than 60% of them were under the age of 30. The Company retains a relatively high percentage of young employees who continue to create innovative energy and vitality for VisEra.

Recruitment channels

In 2022, VisEra hired 347 new employees and the employment rate was 24.0%. Number of people by age and gender:

The turnover in 2022 was 218 and the annual turnover rate was 15.4%. The turnover rate of new employees within one year was 6.2%. Number of people by age and gender:

Talent Retention Measures

Talents are the most important partners for VisEra. We provide five high-quality benefits, six major training programs, and three workplace friendliness plans to continue to improve talent recruitment and retention to power the Company’s sustainable development.

VisEra strives to create a diverse and inclusive workplace by employing people of different genders, religions, races, nationalities, and age groups. We are also committed to providing jobs for people with disabilities. However, due to the nature of the work, we did not have enough applicants fill the positions. The weighted percentage for hiring people with disabilities this year did not reach 1% of the total number of employees, and we have paid the difference subsidies to the Disabled Employment Funds in accordance with laws.

Due to the professional operations of VisEra in the technologies, design, and manufacturing of optical products, male employees account for the highest share of employees. However, we established a merit-based system that does not include gender as a factor, and we adopted an approach based on openness and diversity for hiring professional talents. In terms of career plans and promotions, 100% of VisEra employees receive regular performance evaluations for the Company to uncover talents with potential and provide them with opportunities for positive development. Managers propose promotions for employees based on their experience, professional skills, performance, and personal traits. We aim to find the right person for the right job to create a workplace environment of diversity and inclusion.

The average monthly salary of all VisEra employees regardless of gender is at least 1.57 times the minimum wage. We conduct annual salary reviews and salary adjustments based on market salary surveys, job functions of each individual, and performance. The salary includes the fixed salary and the variable salary. The former is based on prevailing market rates and the latter is linked to the performance of the department and team as well as personal performance. The average salary in 2022 included 12 months of salary, 2 months of year-end bonus, and quarterly bonuses. The average salary of employees exceeded NT$1.49 million. The average salary of direct employees exceeded NT$800,000. The average income is 2.6 times that of the minimum wage in Taiwan. In 2022, the highest paid individual at VisEra was received remuneration approximately 16.36 times the median employee’s total remuneration. The multiplier of changes between the annual total remuneration and the median remuneration was -7.5 times.

VisEra pays close attention to the career development plans of employees and uses transparent internal vacancies to provide employees with a platform for diverse development. It increases the possibilities and prospects of their careers to facilitate internal flow of talents, achieve the goal of the having the right person for the right job, and create a friendly workplace environment. In 2022, we provided more than 80 internal job openings and the internal employee substitution rate was 66.7%, surpassing the 2022 target of 63%.

VisEra is fully aware of the importance of talent development to the sustainable growth of the Company. We aim to use the internal promotion system to address the needs for organizational development for employees with high potential to make the most of their professional and management skills, improve work functions and benefits, and attract and retain outstanding talents. The internal promotion rate for management roles in 2022 increased to 78.4%, surpassingthe 2022 target of 65%.

To attract and retain talents, VisEra provides a leave system and benefits superior to statutory requirements. They include annual leave, flexible leave, sick leave, group insurance, health service, and other employee welfare activities and gift money applications. In terms of the leave system, VisEra provides new employees who have not yet served for one year with annual leave. One day of annual leave is provided for every two months of service. As for the 7 national memorial days which were canceled as holidays by the government, we still provide employees with flexible leave. In terms of sick leave, VisEra provides 120 hours of paid regular sick leave and 120 hours of half-paid sick leave each year, which is superior to the 30 days of half-paid sick leave specified in the Labor Standards Act. In response to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, we provide employees with one day of vaccine leave each time they receive vaccination.

To promote work and family life balance, VisEra has implemented flexible leave since September 2022. Employees can adjust their shifts based on their work and personal needs. 60 applications were filed in 2022 and they accounted for 7% of the employees with regular daytime office hours.

VisEra enrolls each employee under insurance plans in accordance with regulatory requirements. We also provide employees and their family members (spouse, children, and parents) with group insurance plans paid by the Company. Employees are eligible for life insurance, accident insurance, medical insurance, and cancer insurance starting from the day they report for duty. Employees are also eligible for group insurance paid by the Company during the period of statutory unpaid parental leave (within 6 months).

In terms of pension, VisEra established the “Labor Pension Reser ve Super visor y Committee” in accordance with regulations. For employees eligible for the old labor pension system, we allocate fixed amounts to the “labor pension reserve” in the statutory account and all amounts have been paid in full. For employees eligible for the new labor pension system, the Company allocates pension funds equivalent to 6% of the employee’s monthly salary to the dedicated personal pension account at the Bureau of Labor Insurance.

Compensation and benefits expenses

To attain balance between work and life for employees, in addition to unpaid parental leave, employees may also apply for unpaid leave due to other reasons that necessitate long periods of leave such as military service, major injury or illness, or care for family members. They may apply for reinstatement at the end of the period.

In 2022, 107 employees were eligible for unpaid parental leave and 11 employees applied for unpaid parental leave with an application rate of 10.28%. 6 employees were scheduled for reinstatement and the actual number of reinstatements was 3 with a reinstatement rate of 50%. 3 employees left the Company in 2022, of which 2 left due to career development and 1 left for childrearing. In 2022, 10 VisEra employees applied for maternity leave and 22 employees applied for paternity leave. The number of newborns totaled 32 and we have made some contributions to the birthrate in Taiwan.

VisEra is committed to providing a workplace environment with balance between work and life. We use the family day events to help family members learn about employees’ work at the Company and strengthen the bond between employees as well as their family members to increase the support for the Company from employees’ family members. We also set up different types of employee clubs that offer diverse activities. The company currently has five major clubs including the jogging club, volunteers club, basketball club, hiking club, and softball club.