Innovation management

R&D Management

R&D Management Strategy

VisEra established the Value Innovation Task Force under the ESG Sustainable Development Promotion Committee to enhance the strategic development and capacity of innovation management. We continue to invest in advanced process research and development and innovative equipment to maintain our technological lead while taking into account green energy and ergonomic improvements. We will also strengthen the cross-sector cooperation between the industry and academia and actively create a culture of innovation and an innovative work environment to effectively enhance the competitiveness of the Company.

Investments in innovation and R&D

VisEra is committed to technological innovation and independent technology research and development. In 2022, VisEra invested approximately NT$670 million in R&D, which was 7.4% of the revenue. In the past three years, VisEra has progressively increased its R&D expenditures each year to develop key technologies and consolidate its advantages.

Contributions of Products Designed by VisEra to Human Society

R&D management framework

VisEra has a professional management and R&D team, and abundant experience in product strategy and positioning. We monitor industry developments and changes in the prices of materials, and maintain close communication with customers to monitor industry trends. We also continue to develop new technologies and products to strengthen the competitiveness of the Company.

R&D department organization:

Product innovation and applications in past years