Corporate Governance​

Diversity of the Board of Directors

According to the regulations in the “Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles” and the “Regulations for Election of Directors”, board members must retain as a whole the knowledge, skills, and literacy required for executing their duties. The Company seeks to fulfill the ideals of corporate governance and requires members of the Board of Directors as a whole to possess eight major skills including business judgments, accounting and financial analysis, business management, crisis management, industry knowledge, international market perspective, leadership, and decision-making.

The Company’s Directors are elected through a candidate nomination system. The Board of Directors or the shareholders may nominate candidates for Directors in accordance with laws for the shareholders’ meeting to elect the Directors. Directors who are also managerial officers in the Company may not take up more than one-third of all seats. In addition, appropriate diversity policies shall be stipulated for the election of Directors based on the Company’s operation status, operational pattern, and developmental needs, which should include, without limitation, the following: 1. Basic qualifications and values: gender, age, nationality, and culture. 2. Professional knowledge and skills: professional background (such as law, accounting, industry, finance, marketing, or technology), professional skills, and industry experience.

All Directors of VisEra are Taiwanese nationals and only one Director is an employee. The Company also supports gender equality. Of the 6 Directors, 3 are female and they account for 50% of the Directors. In terms of the age distribution, 2 Directors are aged 51-60; 3 Directors are aged 61-70; and 1 Director is aged over 71. The gender and age distribution remained balanced. The diversification of the Company’s board members is shown in the table below: 

Gender distribution of the board members

Age distribution of the board members