Occupational Safety and Health

Create a Safe and Comfortable Workplace for Physical and Mental Balance

VisEra upholds its core value for placing people first. We invest manpower and resources to protect employee safety and health at work and create a safe and healthy work environment. We use health risk assessments or environmental monitoring to prevent occupational accident and organize health examinations to provide systematic health management assessments or health promotion activities to enhance the safety and physical and mental health of employees.

Occupational health management

Occupational safety and health management and health hazard assessment, monitoring and mitigation measures in the plants.

Provide health examination benefits superior to regulatory requirements

In terms of onsite health consultation and assistance, the Company assigns 1 specialist physician and 2 general physicians to provide onsite consultation in plants (3 hours/physician/month) and provide the following service:

  1. Provide related hazard assessment and recommendations based on the needs of the occupational safety and health unit.
  2. Consultation, evaluation, and recommendations for personnel exhibiting anomalies such as special operation health examination rating management consultation and evaluation, ergonomic hazards, physical examination/health examination anomalies, and physiological assessment for respiratory protection.
  3. The recommendations proposed by physicians onsite shall be evaluated and implemented by related units. The Health Center and the onsite physicians shall provide necessary based on actual conditions.
  4. For personnel with abnormal health conditions, the Health Center and the onsite physicians shall continue to track improvements or help provide recommendations for adjusting work conditions.

In addition, VisEra provides health examination benefits superior to regulatory requirements and implements tiered management based on the results of health examinations. Special operation classification and management are implemented in accordance with the Labor Health Protection Rules. In 2022, we completed the special health examination for 366 individuals and identified a total of 150 cases with high potential risk of work-related diseases. The general operation classification is managed in accordance with the recommendations of the onsite physicians and is divided into five classifications including normal, mildly abnormal, moderately abnormal, severely abnormal, and obviously abnormal. We implemented management in accordance with the Labor Health Protection Rules. In 2022, 945 employees participated in health examinations, and regular follow-ups were conducted for 62.2% of employees with moderately to severely abnormal health examination results.