Environmental Protection Policies and Commitments

Our vision

  • Promote environmental sustainability and become a world-class benchmark enterprise for environmental protection and energy conservation.

Our mission

  • Establish an environmental management system, set targets and objectives for continuous improvement for environmental protection, and continue to promote green plants, green manufacturing and green supply chains to manage environmental risks and transition to net zero emissions.
  •  Seek optimal efficiency in the use of energy, water, and other resources, actively invest in waste reduction and pollution prevention, and preserve biodiversity.
  • Communicate and collaborate with stakeholders to reduce the environmental impact throughout the life cycle, including research and development, raw materials, transportation and logistics, production, packaging, and products and services.

Our implementation strategy

  • Comply with or surpass domestic and foreign regulations and standards for environmental protection and energy efficiency and consumption.
  • Comply with international regulations and implement requirements related to the management of hazardous substances reduction and remain committed to producing green products.
  • Focus on global climate change trends, assess their risks and opportunities, and allocate resources to implement effective energy conservation, water conservation, and other management measures.
  • Take eco-friendly actions and continue to improve the Company’s performance in energy consumption, waste management, circular economy, pollution prevention and biodiversity, and actively cooperate with customers and suppliers/contractors to jointly create a green semiconductors supply chain from design and manufacturing to products and services.
  • Intensify the awareness, responsibility and commitment of all employees and suppliers/contractors to environmental protection.
  • Share environmental protection knowledge and experience with external parties and build partnerships with business partners, industries, governments, academia, and the entire society to work together and respond to the severe challenges of environmental protection and climate change.

Environmental Management Mechanisms

To formulate specific response measures for environmental management and sustainability-related issues, VisEra established an interdepartmental organization called the “Green Team” for the management of environmental (E) issues in ESG for the management, implementation, target setting, and future prospects. We implement climate change and energy management, water management, waste management and air pollution prevention. We strive to reduce the environmental impact of operations and continue to improve environmental sustainability for Company’s development and environmental protection to coexist and prosper together.

VisEra established an inter-departmental task force called the “Green Team” with the “ESG Sustainable Development Promotion Committee” as the chief convener. The Resource Planning Organization and its the ESG Unit oversee the environmental protection tasks, and each unit appoints a team member to implement environmental sustainability tasks and expand implementation. To implement effective supervision and management of environmental management, we planned and identified the four major strategies of environmental sustainability management in 2022. They include “Green Value and Marketing”, “Environmental Pollution Control”, “Communication of Sustainability Ideals” and “Green Production”. We then used the four major areas to develop work indicators (the Company’s performance for each indicator is specified in the chapters of the report). The Green Team of each unit provides statistics and information on the attainment of the targets. The attainment rate and effectiveness are confirmed in monthly meetings of the Green Team. They determine environmental related issues to continuously improve and enhance the effectiveness of environmental management.