Corporate Citizenship

Corporate Citizenship

VisEra aims to be a responsible corporate citizen and we are committed to social care with our support for education, environmental conservation, and charity. We provide volunteer services and work with local governments, schools, and non-profit organizations (NPOs) to maximize social influence and value.

VisEra’s volunteers club is an organization of volunteer employees headed by a senior executive who leads employees in volunteer activities. It organizes long-term charitable activities of local communities and schools such as the annual landscaping activities for Hsinchu Science Park, landscaping and care for Wenshan Elementary School with volunteers and community services near Longtan Plant every two months. It upholds the spirit of sustainable development and takes real actions to support the communities.

Statistics of VisEra's charitable activities in the last five years

Main charitable activities of the volunteers club

Long-term social welfare contributions

VisEra supports education, environmental conservation, and charity, provides volunteer services, and works with local governments, schools, and non-profit organizations (NPOs) to maximize positive social influence. In April 9, 2022, we worked with Tse-Xin Organic Agriculture Foundation in the “VisEra Coastal Tree Planting” event and donated 1,000 seedlings for the reforestation of the coastal area. We wish to extend our gratitude to 74 employees and their family members who participated in the tree planting activity and helped plant 500 seedlings. We look forward to seeing them grow and prosper. See you there next time.

VisEra took over the cleaning tasks of areas along the coast in Happiness Beach, Ocean View Park, and Sports Park in Hsinchu City and organized a beach cleanup activity in the morning on September 24. Volunteers removed 340kg of waste to help support the environment and restore the beautiful home for marine life. The activity also helped participants and children learn the impor-tance of recycling and waste reduction as well as not to discard waste without due process. We must take care of the Earth together.