Energy Management

Improve Energy Efficiency

To effectively reduce the environmental impact of the greenhouse effect and reduce energy consumption, VisEra established an energy management organization to set energy conservation and carbon emissions reduction targets and plans. We coordinated and integrated departments to promote energy conservation and carbon reduction strategies and programs, and continuously launch and evaluate energy conservation technologies and implement energy improvement plans for related equipment. In 2022, we replaced the high-efficiency clean room fan filter unit (FFU) and replaced the traditional AC motor FFU in FAB 3F/5F Phase 1 clean room with DC brushless motor FFU. The energy saving target for 2022 is 2%, and the actual annual energy saving is 2.3%. 2023 energy saving target is divided into two aspects: shutdown energy saving and efficiency improvement, and the total annual energy saving target is 1.5%, which is better than the annual energy saving rate according to the energy regulations with the spirit of continuous improvement. In 2022, the high efficiency clean room fan filter unit (FFU) in FAB 3F/5F Phase 1 clean room replacement project will replace the traditional AC motor FFU with DC brushless motor FFU, saving a total of 764,310 kWh, and in accordance with the latest 2021 power emission coefficient (0.509 kg-CO2e/kWh) announced by the Energy Bureau. The total cumulative savings is 764,310 kWh. In 2022, we replaced the old chiller with the high-efficiency chiller CH-101, which saved 402,804 kWh and reduced CO2 emissions by 205metric tons. In addition to implementing electricity conservation measures, improving energy efficiency, and installing renewable energy facilities, we also purchased renewable energy and obtained 26,157 renewable energy certificates in 2022, which was equivalent to a reduction of 13,314 metric tons of CO2 emissions. We also encourage employees to turn off appliances that are not used in offices and public areas to reduce energy consumption. These measures are supported by related awareness campaigns and training programs to enhance employees’ awareness and habit of energy conservation and carbon reduction.

Electricity conservation results in past years

Energy conservation projects and results