Supply Chain Sustainability Management

In order to implement a responsible supply chain and exert sustainable influence, VisEra Technology has formulated six categories of environmental, safety, and health procurement regulations based on regulatory requirements and internal operational norms. Starting from the Q4 of 2023, it has been conducting phased environmental, safety, and health as well as RBA standard promotion for suppliers in these six categories, with a target participation rate set at 80%. The actual participation rate of suppliers reached 92%. VisEra Technology actively engages with suppliers through Supplier Workshops, aiming to enhance their environmental, safety, and health management in alignment with legal requirements and operational standards.

Through this channel, VisEra Technology shares safety and health knowledge and experiences, RBA labor safety and health practices, environmental protection, social responsibility, business ethics, and management systems externally. It hopes to jointly create a sustainable operating environment through cooperation with business partners, academia, and society as a whole.

  • The six categories of suppliers are:
  1. Machinery equipment and household sundries
  2. Machinery, equipment, or appliances required by law
  3. High-altitude operation and personal protective equipment
  4. Plant engineering (applicable scope: production plant area)
  5. Hazardous chemicals
  6. Chemical storage cabinets