For supporting cultural development: Art and Culture Corridor

In 2023, the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) amended the “Sustainable Development Best Practice Principles for TWSE/TPEx Listed Companies,” explicitly incorporating the scope of “maintaining social welfare.” Companies are advised to, through equity investment, commercial activities, endowments, volunteering service or other charitable professional services etc., dedicate resources to organizations that commercially resolve social or environmental issues, participate in events held by citizen organizations, charities and local government agencies relating to community development and community education to promote community development.” This move aims to promote cultural development and encourage more enterprises to implement cultural sustainability initiatives.

VisEra has been ahead of the government’s pace, providing long-term support for arts and culture development since 2019. Collaborating with various artistic and cultural institutions, We has exhibited works by contemporary artists, contributing to the advancement of arts and culture. This support not only fosters an artistic atmosphere among employees but also adds vibrancy to the workplace.

VisEra has collaborated with institutions such as World Vision, Hsinchu Mingshan Art Gallery, and Taipei Capital Art Center for curation. Through partnerships with World Vision, activities such as the “Twelve-Hour Famine” have been organized, raising awareness among our employees about children in impoverished areas and allowing them to experience hunger firsthand. This initiative has prompted contributions of both funds and efforts. The realistic travel sketches by contemporary artist Ken Yeh and the watercolor paintings of constellations and animals by Max Liu have not only enriched the minds and souls of colleagues but also garnered high levels of interest in terms of purchases and collections.

In 2024, VisEra will expand our collaborations with a more diverse range of artistic and cultural institutions. This year marks our first collaboration with Showart Gallery (宣藝術慈善藝廊), an organization that hosts art exhibitions for artists with Down syndrome, autism, emotional disorders, and others. Show Art Charity Gallery not only showcases exhibitions for indigenous Taiwanese artists but also collaborates with well-known artists in Taiwan to use art as a means of fundraising for charitable causes. It serves as a platform that combines beauty and goodness.

VisEra allocates a budget for curation every year, sparing no effort in promoting cultural sustainability. Exhibitions encompass a wide range of themes, including aesthetic photography, environmental conservation, humanities, and the coexistence of humans and nature. These exhibitions bring a feast for the eyes and soul, offering employees a taste of beauty, goodness, and truth!